Grooming – An Act of Love
To keep your pet’s happy & healthy, grooming is a necessity, not just a beauty ritual.

Groovy has 25 years of expertise in proper pet handling, standard grooming, tools and techniques for dogs and cats to assure our customers of the correct and perfect appearance of their pets.

We only use high-quality professional grooming shampoos and conditioners for our furry friends’ healthy skins and coats.

Fancy a traditional or modern look for your pet? We regularly educate ourselves and follow the trends of pet grooming to satisfy our customers’ grooming requirements.

All grooming facilities and tools are washed, cleaned, and sterilized daily to avoid the spreading of any contagious diseases or ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks.

Groovy Grooming Salon offers a variety of grooming services and treatments for dogs and cats. Let our professional pet stylists pamper your pet(s) and learn more about our assortment of prim and pamper packages!

Our most popular grooming services:

Full-Service Grooming:
Includes a 150-minute brush out, bath, breed-specific or customer requested haircut, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal glands expression, and fragrance.

Full-Service Bath:
Includes a 45-60-minute brush out, bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal glands expression, and fragrance.

Medicated Bath Treatment with Skin Screening.

Anti-Tick and Flea Bath Treatment.

Other individualized services offered. Please contact the Groovy stores for rates and appointments.

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