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Groovy Boarding Kennel – A Home Away from Home

Your pet needs a safe place to stay while you are away? Groovy has been offering reliable and comfortable boarding for dogs and cats since 1995.

Under the care of our loving kennel staff, we make your pet’s stay a fun-filled experience with plenty of activities, individual attention, and TLC.

At our newly renovated kennel with separate buildings for VIP and standard rooms, our guests play and run in four different indoor and outdoor areas.

We will add a swimming pool and another outdoor playground for our canine friends soon.

Cats get out of the cage to frolic and sunbathe in our specially designed cat rooms two times per day.

For your pet’s health and safety, we take precautionary measures by weekly disinfecting all areas to maintain proper hygiene. During the day, our dog areas are checked every 30 minutes and cleaned, if needed.

Before entering our kennel, every pet must have a general health check with our veterinarians. This ensures that all animals come and stay healthy, are free from any contagious diseases and ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks, to protect other boarders and the cleanliness of our facility.

Our veterinarian visits twice a week to guarantee that all pets are in good shape and taken care of properly. In case of emergency, our veterinarian will travel to the kennel immediately or the animal will be transported to the Groovy Vetcare Clinic in Radio Dalam.

Should you wish to board multiple pets together, we can accommodate for cats to stay in co-joined crates. Even dogs can share a room or run together (small breeds only, at this time).

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