About Groovy

Groovy was founded by the late Lucia Sudjiat (1961-2014) and started as a small pet shop in Kemang in 1990. Since then, the once small shop and grooming salon has grown into a pet-centric company with four store and grooming locations, a boarding kennel, a pet transport business, a vetcare clinic, and pet taxi service to serve Jakarta’s growing pets’ and pet owners’ needs.

Groovy History

The first Groovy pet shop (Groovy Kemang) opened on Jl. Kemang Raya no. 114. It was also the first pet shop in Kemang back then.

Groovy Kemang moved to its current location on Jl. Kemang Raya no. 44. Groovy Boarding Kennel opened in Gunung Sindur.

Groovy Pet Transport was founded as the first pet relocation company in Indonesia.

Groovy opened a store in Radio Dalam (Groovy Radio Dalam).

Groovy Vetcare Clinic was founded.

Groovy opened a store in BSD (Groovy BSD). Groovy launched its PAWrenting education and event series.

Groovy opened a store in Bintaro (Groovy Bintaro). GROOVY Magazine was launched.

Groovy introduces Indonesia’s first Pet Taxi service.

Our Vision: Pets as lifetime companions.

Our Mission: To be the best partner in keeping pets healthy, handling pets safely, and giving pets the best products.

Our Core Values: iCare
Integrity. Commitment. Availability. Reliability. Empathy.

Our Service Focus: THE EAGLE
Teamwork. Hospitality. Ease. Education. Accuracy. Guarantee. Life-Concern. Enthusiasm.

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