We found a new home for Vanessa!

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So long, Vanessa! We will miss you so much! 😭 . Vanessa is an adorable #AlaskanMalamute. She became a part of our #family since April. It was long enough to make all of our staff fell in love with her, as you can see in the photos 😍 . Vanessa was just #rescued from a neglectful owner. She was locked inside a cage under the sun. It must be an excruciating time because Vanessa actually needs a cold place due to her thick fur 😢 The rescuer said, he saw Vanessa with a horrible condition and treated badly, he even saw Vanessa got a nosebleed from the sunburn and high temperature in the place she lived. . Vanessa was brought to see our #vet because the rescuer found a lot of discharges that came out from her vulva (genital organ) right after she was rescued. The discharges were pus mixed with blood that made Vannesa lost a lot of blood. We could see it from her pale mucose membrane (gum’s color). The vet then rushed to do #bloodworks and #USG. In the end, she was diagnosed with a #pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection that most typically affects unspayed female dogs 🙀 . It took a whole night to stabilize Vanessa’s condition with fluid therapy and antibiotics through IV. As her conditions got better the day after, we proceed to do the surgery 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Thankfully the surgery went well. We removed Vanessa’s uterus completely. She recovered quickly after her surgery, becoming active and happy, although she was a bit scared to interact with people at first because of her traumatizing experiences. . Seeing Vanessa’s improvements really made us happy and grateful ❤️ But it was only a short time before we knew Vanessa was abandoned, again, by her rescuer. We weren’t able to contact him, even we tried to send a letter right to his home address. We knew then that we have to find a new home for her. It took four months until we found a new home for Vanessa, finally! . Sadly, this is a difficult goodbye to some of our staff, especially Mas Agung, our Pet Care Assistant, who spent a lot of time together with Vanessa and helped her to start interacting with other staff here. But we all understand what is best for Vanessa – a #sweethome and a #lovingowner! 🌈

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