Where are animals placed in the aircraft?

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Where are animals placed in the aircraft? All live animals are secured in the cargo holds which are located underneath the passenger deck. The holds are temperature and pressure controlled in exactly the same way as the passenger cabins and comfortable. Whilst the holds do not have any lighting whilst in flight, it has been proven over the years that animals travel better in darkness and that they arrive in better shape than the passengers as animals do not suffer jetlag! ———————————- 🐶 GROOVY PET TRANSPORT 🐱 ———————————- 📍Ruko Malibu ITC BSD Blok A no. 8 BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia ☎ +62 21 537-4443, 537-4460 ⏰ Operational Hours: Mon-Thu: 08.30 – 17.30 Fri: 08.00 – 17.30 📍Jl Kemang Selatan VIII no. 63AB ⏰Operational Hours: Mon-Thu: 08.30-17.30 Fri: 08.00-17.30 #30thgroovycare #groovycare #petrelocation #pets #pettravel #pettransport #petlovers #jakarta #indonesia #groovypet #vetcare #petcare #petshippingexperts #dogs #cats

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